Have you been inspired by all the DIY shows and want to take on the project of painting your own home? Watching it from the comfort of your sofa makes it look easy. In fact, their clothes don’t even get dirty. Don’t be fooled by those 60-minute shows. Painting a home is hard work and requires professional techniques to get the job done correctly. There are a few main reasons why you should hire a contracted painter

Safety First

As with any project you take on, safety needs to be foremost on the list when it begins. This is true when painting your home. Painting involves high ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas, especially on the outside of the house. To reach these spots, you need to have the proper equipment, such as tall ladders or scaffolding. For a DIY, you would have to rent or borrow if you do not have the required height for a ladder. A professional painter already has all of the required items needed for a safe ascent to those high areas. 

Another important area of safety is how to handle lead paint if there is a layer of paint put on before 1978. This paint might contain lead and needs to be handled by a certified professional. If you attempt to sand or scrape this toxic paint, the dust that you might inhale can cause high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and decreased motor skills, to name a few. Preparing a room for lead paint removal requires extensive planning and handling. A professional painter has what is needed to do this job. 

Extensive Repairs

Almost half the time you have set aside for this project will go to the preparation of this job. If the wall’s surface is not prepared properly, the whole job could fail. This prep work involves stripping off the old paint, filling in the small holes, repairing larger holes, caulking, and more. If moisture damage is seen, then the source of the water needs to be found and fixed since this will affect your paint. These repairs require a professional to get them done right as the future result of your project depends on it. If you encounter lead paint, as mentioned above, that is an additional job on its own.

Extra Expenses

Trying to stick to your budget is always at the top of your list. You may think that a DIY paint project is a way to do this. Once you start putting the equipment and supplies together, it is surprising how quickly it adds up. Not to mention the time that you have to take out of your schedule to try and accomplish the job. A recent study by Improve Net showed that “one-third of homeowners who try to remodel their homes call professionals to fix their projects.”  Choosing a professional painting contractor saves you in many ways. They have extensive knowledge of colors, brands, and the best type of paint to use for your home. Their job for you includes helping you make the best decisions so that it is done right the first time. As seen in the chart below, there are many regrets that come with a DIY project. Trying to save money may end up costing you more in the end.


Make the Best Choice

In summary, there are many things to think about before taking on a project on your own. You must have the right budget, time to spare, and experience to know what to do properly. Then, you must have all the right equipment to do the paint job and any necessary repairs. 

Hiring an experienced painting contractor gets you an insured professional that saves you time and money now and for the future of your home. Your painter gives you quick quality work, along with a warranty. Choosing this path gives your home increased value, along with the peace of mind of customer satisfaction. Call us today at Mark Howell Painting for reliable and professional service for your home.