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For superior painting services in Fleming Island, Mark Howell Painting, Inc. is the name to know.

Our award-winning team has helped dozens of homeowners and business owners reinvent their interior and exterior spaces with precision and skill. We are happy to help you choose the perfect shade and provide a seamless application without spills or streaks.

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Experienced Painters

When you hire Mark Howell Painting, Inc., you are hiring years of painting knowledge and experience. Everything we do is done with the sole purpose of giving you a professional finish with no exceptions. By the time we finish the job, there will be no question that it was done professionally. Our quality of work, our speed, and our cleanliness always stand out.

Throughout our many years serving Fleming Island, we have developed an approach that allows us to streamline just about any painting project. Our work is always fast and clean, and our prices are always competitive. If you’re looking to speak with Fleming Island's best painting contractor, your search ends here. Call us today!

Our House Painters Transform Your Living Space

When you entrust our team with the transformation of your home, we don’t take our responsibility lightly. We strive to understand each detail of your goals and then work diligently to offer you the best pricing and turnaround times that align with your deadlines.

We are proud to offer a smooth, sleek, and professional outcome, no matter how complex the work ahead of us is. The following is just a small sample of some of the gorgeous interior and exterior work we are capable of:

  • Kitchen painting
  • Bathroom painting
  • Livingroom painting
  • Bedroom painting
  • Ceiling and stairwell painting
  • Wood sealing and staining
  • Siding, windows, and door painting
  • Fence, deck, and patio painting
  • Fireplace painting
  • And much more!

Would you like to paint a surface we left out of the list above? With years of experience, training, and safety expertise tucked tightly into our toolboxes, we are confident we’re the experts that can bring your vision for the perfect home décor to life. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team to book a complimentary consultation.

Seasoned Apartment Painters

Can apartment painters reduce hassle, save time and money, and produce exceptional results that your future and existing tenants can’t help but love? The answer is yes. When you invest in professional quality painting, your property has the potential to retain aesthetic appeal and value for many years to come.

Whether you’d like to paint a single unit to get it ready for a new occupant, or you’re interested in refreshing one or more spaces indoors or outdoors, we have you covered. Reach us by phone or email to learn more about our affordable pricing and a large selection of high-quality paint.

Commercial Building Painters: A Full Suite of Affordable Services  

If it’s been a while since your commercial space was painted, your business might be in need of commercial building painters who offer a full suite of budget-friendly services. You’ll want to keep our number handy. Our certified technicians are well known for delivering value and have a large portfolio of completed commercial projects you can browse through for inspiration.

Are you on a tight deadline? We specialize in meeting your high expectations. Consult with us over the phone, online, or in person to get started today.

Hiring a Licensed Painter Is the Key to Successful Results

In our beloved Florida, all contractors, both residential and commercial, must be licensed by law. This includes our team of dedicated painters. Why is hiring a fully insured and licensed painter in your best interest?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. We have the tools, training, and experience to produce the quality finishes you desire.
  2. Up to date licensing and insurance protect you and your property from unexpected expenses related to injuries and accidents.
  3. Our safety training is kept up to date, and we use the latest tools and technology to protect our crews, you, and your home during all work we perform on your premises.
  4. We recommend the paint types and brands that will stand up to your high expectations.
  5. We guarantee our work.

Our experts recommend doing your research before selecting the paint company to work with. Would you like to know more about us and the work we do? Connect with our team to book a free consultation.

Book Your Painting Consultation

As we prioritize being flexible to your needs and this begins with the consultation process. We can meet in person, virtually, or over the phone, whatever you prefer!

This conversation sets out to discuss everything about your project. We will discuss what you'd like to accomplish with the project, the number of rooms/walls that need to be painted, colors, but more importantly – budget and timeline.

We have gone through this process countless times successfully and want to help you do the same. Get in touch with Fleming Island's best painter today and book your consultation.

Highly Trained Staff and Top-Notch Painting Equipment

Here at Mark Howell Painting, Inc., we hold ourselves to the highest standards regarding the technical application of the paint and customer service. We can't call ourselves the best unless we can provide the best results. Our highly trained staff is our secret weapon to being able to offer affordable flawless painting. No one on our staff can paint your property until they have gone through our rigorous training program.

Another thing you can be sure of is that we are using state-of-the-art equipment to complete our jobs. We don’t shy away from innovation, and we embrace any technology that enables us to complete assignments better and faster.

Helping Clients Choose Paint Colors

Sometimes all you can be sure of is that you need a paint job. Thinking about what color you will paint your property is an entirely different story. With ever-changing trends (some good, some really bad), we can be your guide. After so many years of painting, we understand what colors to use and how to use them to make timeless and enjoyable paint color choices.

Just tell us what you are looking for, and we will combine our knowledge of color theory and personal experience to give you precisely what you are looking for – even if you don't know what that is yet.

Revitalize Your Interior or Exterior with Paint

If you are trying to raise morale or generally lift the spirits of all who enter your space, a new paint job is just what your old space needs. Even if you are bored of the color you have, Mark Howell Painting, Inc. is the team to call for expertise and affordable prices.

There is nothing we love more than doing exceptional painting work for our clients – so please get in touch and set up your first appointment.

Trust a Celebrated Painting Professional

While anyone can pick up a brush and call themselves a painter, completing seamless paint installations isn’t easy. It takes years of dedication and experience to become a great painter, and the experts at Mark Howell Painting, Inc. have what it takes to deliver perfect application every time.

Not only do we use the industry’s best rollers and brushes to ensure accuracy and precision, but we take extensive measures to protect your floors, ceiling, furniture, or anywhere the paint isn’t welcome.

It’s our responsibility to provide you with excellent painting without jeopardizing your home or business, and that’s precisely what we intend to do.

We ensure that our painters are consistently trained and understand the industry’s latest innovations to serve you better every day.

Quality Paints for Beautiful Results

A great paint job isn’t just about hiring the right painter, it’s also essential to choose quality paint. Our team is committed to using only high-quality colors that improve the value of our client’s properties. We will be happy to introduce you to fantastic products that are within your budget.

We are also a very creative team, meaning, if you need help finding the right shade for your unique space, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Get a Quote for Your Painting Project

The cost of your paint job will depend on the size of your space and the cost of materials. When you get in touch with us, we will schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. During this meeting, we can assess the size of your space, take measurements, and determine whether we will need to prime the area. We will also discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve from investing in professional painting.

Our experts will be happy to crunch some numbers and provide you with a detailed cost estimate before we get to work.

To book your consultation today, be sure to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Flexible Scheduling to Meet Your Painting Needs

If you’re working on a tight schedule and trying to complete a remodeling project, our team wants to accommodate your needs. We are pleased to offer our clients flexible scheduling services – and we’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maximize convenience.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your availability, please don’t hesitate to bring them forward. Our experts are always happy to chat with you and go above and beyond to provide you with satisfying service.

Reach the Area’s Most Trusted Painting Company

As a three-time winner of Angie's List Super Service Award, Mark Howell Painting, Inc. is Northeast Florida's paint company of choice. We boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have over 25 years of experience under our belts. We can't wait to show you what we can do.

Speak with one of our paint specialists today—drop us a line at (904) 825-2351.


Residential Painting Services

Indoors or outdoors—if you need it painted, we can help. We perform comprehensive residential painting services, and we deliver them with passion and skill. We invite you to browse through our gallery page to see some of our handiwork up close.

A general overview of our services includes:

  • Color consultations
  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Wood staining
  • Pressure washing
  • And more

Our company is careful to comply with all the latest regulations from local environmental authorities. We are fully licensed contractors with full liability insurance coverage. For more information about our credentials, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Book a Paint Color Consultation

Meet with Us Obligation-Free

We love meeting with prospective clients to show them the impressive array of paints and colors we have in our inventory. Book a consultation with us risk-free, and we'll send a certified contractor on-site to chat with you about your project in-depth. We'll cover all your concerns—color questions, expected timeline, target budget, and more. When we've pinpointed the perfect hue, we'll calculate a cost estimate for your consideration.

Rest assured, this quote is complimentary—we believe we can earn your business with our talent, enthusiasm, and affordability.

Local Painters with Talent

Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint. It's the most efficient way to make your property look great. At Mark Howell Painting, INC., paint isn't just our business, it's our obsession. We know the ups and downs of painting better than anyone else. That's because we only hire the best professional painters in Fleming Island. We're a highly skilled team of local painters with talent, dedication, and know-how. We'll transform your home or business in a clean and efficient manner. But painting isn't all we do--we offer a variety of services. Read on to find out more.

Our Interior Painting Services

Update your home's interior with a fresh coat of a new color. Our crews stand apart from the pack for the level of precision we put into our work. You'll love the way we thoroughly clean surfaces with eco-friendly products. You'll appreciate the way we sand away rough spots and repair imperfections. You'll be amazed at how we transform your interior with a skillful and strategic paint application.

Walls do more than hold up your ceiling--they also set the mood for the entire room.

The right shade of paint can make a huge difference. Luckily for you, we're the paint experts. Our interior painting work will have your walls looking their best. Our team of interior painters is trained in many painting styles, including:

  • Faux finishing services
  • Wall painting
  • Kitchen cabinet painting
  • ...and so much more!

We'll transform your walls to something you've always dreamed of. When you see the difference, you won't believe your eyes.

Our Exterior Painting Services

Your property needs to be beautiful inside and out, and our exterior painting will make it look its best. But you also need something that can withstand the elements; we'll give you that too. Our staff members will work with you to find an exterior paint that's both beautiful and long-lasting. From pool decks to patios to pathways, we can paint any outdoor component of your home. We use high-quality paints suitable for all types of materials. These premium liquids are also extremely weather-resistant, providing superior color and shine year-round. After we're done, you're exterior will look great and stand up to snow, wind, and rain.

Our Commercial Painting Services

If you're a commercial property owner or manager, we know you have high-standards, and so do we. Our team has extensive training in all areas of commercial painting, from sandblasting to commercial spray-painting. We know our way around:

  • warehouses
  • commercial facilities
  • factories
  • distribution centers
  • industrial plants
  • ...and more

No matter what your commercial painting needs are, our contractors will meet them.

Professional Quality Work

Everyone knows there's nothing like professional work. When it comes to your property, you want the best, and amateur services just won't cut it. You can't hire just any painting company. You need the professionals of Mark Howell Painting, INC.. We're fully trained in a variety of services, and we have the experience needed to get the job done right. As local workers, we understand the meaning of community and integrity. We hire only the best contractors, and we use only the best tools and materials. Everything from our ladders to our commercial spray-painter is top-quality. It's simply a matter of respect to us--we treat every home and business as if it were our own. That's why home and business owners across Fleming Island trust us with their property.

Now that we've told you about us, we'd like to hear from you. If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to talk to clients.

For the painting services you need, hire Mark Howell Painting, INC.. You'll be glad you did.

24-Hour Painting Services

We're the only 24-hour residential painting crew in town. If you're on a time crunch, have no fear. We'll work day and night to complete the job on your watch.

Fast Painting Project Turnarounds

Everything we do, we do with your best interests in mind. For us, that means we do everything efficiently to expedite your painting project's completion. When you choose us as your painting contractor, you can expect us to:

  • Respond to your inquiry quickly
  • Schedule a convenient service time promptly
  • Adequately staff our painting crews
  • Paint strategically and efficiently
  • Utilize premium, fast-drying paints

Ultimately, we do everything in our power to ensure a swift and satisfactory experience.

Contact Fleming Island's Best Painting Company

For all your residential painting needs, Mark Howell Painting, Inc. is the crew you want on the scene.

Now that we've told you about us, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today to request a complimentary, on-site color consultation.